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School Improvement Team


SIT Meeting Dates:

Wednesday 8/23/23

Tuesday 7/11/23



Parents- Rachel Smith, Melba Santos, Mary Jefferson

3rd Grade- Suzy Whitley & Christine Hall

4th Grade- Christina Stoudt & Fallon Silvers

5th Grade- Shelly Cassell & LeeAnn Ruisi

Encore- Patrick McCarthy, Megon Mancini

Support Staff: Jesse Hall, Melissa Burks, Katie Houde, Marilyn Kirby, Toya Maxwell

Admin Team: Anna Austin, Emily Zelando & Lisa Ober

SIT Team Chairperson- Michelle Cassel

School Improvement Plan

To view our school improvement plan, visit and use the information below to log in. 

Username: GuestS15732
Password: GuestS15732