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WR Odell Media Center


Welcome to WR Odell Media Center with Mrs. Mancini

"Media with Cancini" with the outline of North Carolina filled in with a pirate flag




The media center is open every day for open checkout from 7:05 am - 10:00 am. A student may come during these hours with a library pass to checkout books. 

A student must get hand sanitizer before browsing the shelves for books and again after checking out books. 


There are multiple spaces available in the media center: Checkout Area, Reading Area, the News Broadcast Room, and the Learning Area (where classes are held).


1) Student ID's are required for checkout.

2) Two books may be checked out at one time, for a two-week period, and may be renewed once.

3)  If a student has overdue books, he/she will not be allowed to checkout new books. 

4) Students are charged if a book is more than a month overdue or if the book is lost, so the library can purchase replacement copies. 


Students are issued one free ID while at Odell.  Replacement ID's cost $5.00 and can be purchased in the Media Center.


Search for books in our school library using Destiny Discover:


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